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frequently asked questions

How much does a survey cost?

The cost depends on many factors. How big is the lot? Is it wooded? Is it in a recent subdivision? Is it Rectangular or does it have many corners? For a price estimate please use our Qoute page..

Why does a survey cost so much?

We work very hard to keep the costs of our surveys reasonable. A survey provided by SurveyOne, PLLC is a great value to our client. Today's equipment, labor and overhead costs are rising faster than at any time in the past. As technology increases and government regulations multiply, surveying costs will continue to rise.

Can you survey one line for me?

We sure can! But we want you to know that to establish your one line, we will have to measure other lines as well. Boundary lines are all related.

Can you put additional stakes on line?

We will be glad to put additional stakes on your line, but due to costs, we have to charge you for this service.

Are you licensed?

Cliff Wagner (L-4241) is has been licensed in North Carolina for 18 years. Our company is licensed in North Carolina to provide you with professional surveying services.

Why is it important to have a licensed surveyor visit the site?

Imagine if the x-ray technician performed the surgery! We send a licensed professional to your site, so he can personally evaluate your boundaries.

Why should I choose your firm?

Our clients recognize the value we provide. Our policy is that our business will personally handle all your survey needs. You will have one contact to handle your job from start to finish. We provide outstanding customer service, reasonable prices and quick turnaround. We strive to get every job done before our clients deadlines

Do you carry Insurance?

SurveyOne, PLLC carries E & O and General Liability Insurance.

Why does your survey differ from another surveyor's?

There are many factors that cause this to happen, including earth movement, technological advances in measuring, loss of monuments due to time, etc. We take pride in our work and can explain any differences to you, personally.



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